Established in Southern California, the Independent Electrical Contractors Association of Southern California is a trade association throughout Southern California of shop electrical and systems contractors within 75 chapters nationwide.

Independent Electrical Contractors Association of Southern California (IECA) Class Breakout cost

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Certification Seminars

Code Classes

Grounding Class

Circuit Design Class

Pipe Bending Class

Code Fundamental Class

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IECACA helps you to become a professional:

  • Apprenticeship training
  • Journeyman and Master Training
  • Professional Electrician's Program
  • Continuing Education Programs

IECACA Apprenticeship Training Program

  • Nationally registered pattern standards
  • Four-year registered apprenticeship program - 24 hours of college credit
  • Curriculum reviewed and revised regularly to include latest changes in technology and code.

IECACA Continuing Education

  • Journeyman and Master Prep Training
  • Two-year Professional Electrician's Program Course
  • Chapter-sponsored seminars and programs
  • Click here for a list of current classes!